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Placement Tests

Our placement test evaluators have in-depth knowledge of the Calvert curriculum and the skills that are required for a student to successfully complete each grade level. The evaluator will examine the student’s performance on the test and consider his or her educational history and current educational needs when making a grade recommendation.

All placement tests are available in Adobe Reader (PDF) format.

Primary Math Placement Test for First through Third Grades*

* This test is for use only if you are planning to enroll your students in a higher primary math level. It is used to determine if your kindergarten, first-grade or second-grade child is prepared for first-grade, second-grade, or third-grade Calvert Math.

General Placement Test (Includes Math) for Fourth through Eighth Grades

Algebra Placement Test

Primary Assessment for Kindergarten through Third Grade (optional)

The Primary Assessment for Pre-K through Third Grade is an optional assessment that may be administered by either the school or parent. You may find it useful in making education decisions for your child or using it as a basis for conversation with your school regarding your child’s education.


Do not send this assessment to Calvert Partners as our Placement team does not evaluate these.

 Verticy Learning Placement Test

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