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How it Works

How Virtual Education Works

Families have more choices than ever to find the academic experience that will meet the specific needs of their student. Calvert Partner Schools offer many unique benefits, but how, exactly, does a virtual school work?

A Flexible Learning Environment

Your student learns in the home tuition-free. He or she is part of the public school community in your district. You are entitled to all of the standard benefits available to all public school students, but you have the schedule and pacing flexibility inherently available in a home-based instructional setting.

Educate Your Student at Home with Full Academic Support

The best part about enrolling in a Calvert virtual school is that you and your child receive all of the academic support you need to make your experience a success. Each Parent and Student works in close contact with a state-certified Supervising Teacher. Learn more about how we support you.

In addition, Parents and Students have full access to Calvert's team of Education Counselors through e-mail, phone, and live chat. The Education Counselors, all Masters-level instructors, have a thorough knowledge of both Calvert and Verticy curricula.

A Simple Yet Effective Placement Process

Your child is poised to thrive academically by starting with a comprehensive placement evaluation and recommendation. Calvert's expert Placement Advisors take many aspects into account and provide thorough grade level advice including flexible placement in math.

Cutting Edge Technology

Your student's offline textbooks and workbooks are supplemented by state-of-the-art online resources designed to provide a true 21st Century learning experience. You also have your student's information at your fingertips through Calvert's Learning Guide Portal which features grades, progress reports, answer keys, and more.

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to take the next step in enrolling your child in a Calvert Partner School, please fill out our Find a Partner School form. You will be notified of Calvert Partner Schools in your area.