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Our Enrollment Process

A Trusted Name Through a Virtual School

Calvert, the leader in distance learning for over a century, is available through a virtual school in your area tuition-free!

Calvert Partner schools offer families the opportunity to educate their children in their homes tuition-free with the full support of state-certified supervising teachers. In addition, these virtual schools use the world-renowned Calvert curriculum and state of the art technology for a truly 21st Century academic experience. Enrolling in a Calvert Partner school is easy:

Step 1

Identify a Calvert Partner School in Your Area

Fill out our Find a Calvert Partner School form to find a state-wide or district program that will serve your location. We will send you a list of partners who serve your community.

Step 2

Enroll in the Program of Your Choice

Evaluate the list of providers in your area, contact them directly, and select the one that best fits the needs of your family.

What if there is not a Calvert Partner school serving my community?

If there are no partners in your area, we will contact your local superintendent to discuss the establishment of a virtual school. Parents have also had success e-mailing their local superintendent. You can:

  • Use our provided letter to advocate for a new virtual school in your community

Step 3

Conduct the Student Placement Process, Review Your Materials, and Prepare

In most cases, once enrolled, your child will complete the placement evaluation to determine his or her most appropriate starting point in the Calvert curriculum. You will automatically receive:

  • Your curriculum materials
  • Access to your online resources
  • Contact from your supervising teacher

Calvert Partner Schools even offer preparation tutorials to orient you to your offline materials, your academic support team, and your online tools.

Step 4

Get started!

By the time the school year starts, you will be ready to deliver a top-quality education through your Calvert Partner virtual school.