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Personal Support

Academic Team

Supervising Teacher:  A state-certified, highly qualified teacher who plans and directs the learning program for each student. The Supervising Teacher provides individualized instruction, monitors student progress and communicates regularly with the Learning Guide and student to ensure appropriate pacing and mastery of subjects.

Learning Guide: A parent or responsible adult who supports the student with daily learning activities under the direction of the Supervising Teacher.  The Learning Guide helps the student prepare for class, answers logistical questions, gives direction, monitors task completion and attendance. Ongoing interaction with the Supervising Teacher and Calvert training ensures that optimum use of available technology and learning strategies are employed.

Calvert Education Counselor: The hallmark of a Calvert experience is the high level of personal service you and your families receive. Calvert Education Counselors are certified, professional teachers and provide the core of administrative and parent support. They possess expert knowledge of the Calvert curriculum and work as part of the instructional team led by the Supervising Teacher to address concerns, suggest alternative teaching strategies and offer practical advices. They are available by phone, email or Live Chat to offer guidance.

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