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Advisory Teaching Service

The Advisory Teaching Services is an additional level of support made available to most Calvert Partner school students.

Through the Advisory Teaching Service (ATS), you and your child develop a partnership with an Advisory Teacher that will reinforce and support your academic journey. ATS boosts your confidence as a Learning Guide and gives you another supportive voice in your child’s education.

ATS Benefits

  • Every 20 lessons, an assigned Advisory Teacher evaluates your child’s work in all subjects and provides detailed feedback on composition, mechanics, and processing skills.
  • Students receive a personal letter with each set of corrected tests providing additional motivation and support.
  • You receive an evaluation of your child’s work in all subjects in relation to a peer group
  • Your child is motivated and encouraged to do his or her best work
  • The Advisory Teacher provides suggestions for improved study and insightful comments
  • You have a partner to reinforce the observations and instructional priorities that you have set for your child

In addition to a relationship with an Advisory Teacher, students enrolled in ATS also have access to:

Grammar Review Sessions

Fourth through Eighth Grade students enjoy the benefit of prerecorded grammar review sessions, included every ten lessons. These review sessions help you ensure that your child understands the grammar concepts presented in the core instruction. Delivered by a Calvert Instructor, the review sessions are invaluable for ATS test preparation and concept mastery.

Online Practice Tests
Included in Third through Eighth Grades, the online practice tests help further prepare your student for the ATS test. They are automatically graded online, allowing you to determine areas needing more review.

Read-Aloud ATS

Now you have the option of having your Advisory Teacher listen to your First, Second, or Third Grade student read using the Read-Aloud ATS feature. Using Calvert-provided technology, simply record your early reader on your computer (a microphone is required). Your Advisory Teacher will listen to your child reading an assigned passage and provide feedback on fluency, pronunciation, and expression.