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Benefits of Virtual Learning

There are many reasons for choosing an alternative to the traditional classroom. Parents may wish to have a more direct role in their child’s education or there may be health or academic reasons that would be better served by individual attention.

Calvert Partners works with public school districts to offer a comprehensive K-8 distance learning curriculum that inspires the best in academic achievement. Calvert has been the trusted leader in distance learning for more than a century. Our time-tested curriculum is used by public, private, virtual charter and international schools and student in all 50 states and over 60 countries.

Enrolling in a Calvert district-sponsored distance learning program offers several important benefits:

  • It’s Tuition-FREE. All course materials and supplies are provided by your school district.
  • Education is guided and supported by a state-certified Supervising Teacher, Calvert Education Counselors, Calvert Advisory teachers and our Technology Support Team.
  • Students are entitled to the same services as their peers in a brick and mortar classroom including IDEA, Title I, IEP, counseling and health services.