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Online Resources

Online resources to extend, enhance and reinforce your curriculum

Besides textbooks, workbooks and other printed materials, Calvert provides a wide variety of online resources to engage your students, provide research and remedial support, and deliver a more rigorous, more effective, more immersive educational experience for your students. Your teachers can also access these online resources and incorporate them in their curricula. Brief descriptions are on this page; you can also download the Calvert Online Resources Manual and the Verticy Learning Online Resources Manual. More information about Verticy Learning, our specialized, versatile program for classroom or home use for students with dyslexia or other language-based learning difficulties, is here.


Interactive resources, tools and supplemental activities designed to enhance students’ offline instructional time, including educational web site reviews, age appropriate activities, an astronomy portal and online versions of core reference materials including: Encyclopedia Britannica, World Atlas, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Collegiate Thesaurus, and Multimedia Library.


Supplemental math curriculum that supports your core math instruction for K-5 students. It uses rich, multi-sensory, game-based activities to improve learning and motivate students. With research-based instructional models and content, this tool helps your students improve foundational math skills and extend their knowledge while developing higher level problem-solving and reasoning skills.

Videos and podcasts

Hundreds of lessons are available as video podcasts for students on the go.


Selected textbooks are available in electronic formats with additional resources including automatically graded practice tests, video clips, online quizzes, and other valuable support material.


To build reading skills, 1-3 grade students can record themselves reading specific textx so advisory teachers can provide feedback on fluency, pronunciation, and expression.

Threaded discussions

Students can post responses to specific topic questions posed by the online Instructor, as well as read and respond to classmates' ideas and collaborate on group projects. Teachers can, at their discretion, use quizzes, projects and threaded discussions to extend and enhance concepts.

Need more time?

If your student does not finish coursework within 13 months of purchase, you may request a free, 3-month extension by calling (888) 487-4652. After this free extension period expires, continued access to the online account will not be available until you purchase a paid extension.
Paid extensions are available for $95 and valid for a 6-month period from purchase date.

Here's how it works:

  • 6 month extension added to original expire date, if not yet expired (19 Total months from purchase)
  • Expired account of less than three months is brought current, then extend 6 months from current date
  • NO extension available for accounts already greater than three months expired
  • Extensions may take 24 Hours to fully process