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Learning Guide Portal

There are two parts of the Learning Guide Portal. The first is your school account’s main page.

  • The School View

    1. Log on to https://my.calvertschool.org/learningguide
    2. On this page you will find a list of each of your students. You may click on each student to see all of their student information and grade book.
    3. Click on the link that says Export All Student Information. This will open a spreadsheet that contains each individual student’s name, user name, password and log-in URL.
    4. A unique log-in URL and password will be provided for EACH enrolled student. 
    5. Placement Tests NEW! You may now see when Calvert receives a placement test for one of your students. A student record is created upon receipt. The record is updated once the test is graded. You will then be able to download the recommended grade level placement and results.
    6. Under the Administrator log-in you will also need to create accounts for each teacher supervising virtual students and assign students to each teacher. Teachers will only be able to access information for students on their roster.


  • The Learning Guide View

Learning Guides will be able to access answer keys, ATS test results, Grade Book, a link to My Calvert and support options. Answer keys are only available online so it is essential that you provide families with log-in information prior to the start of the school year.